Oh Yes You Can: Running Your Business During a Health Crisis with Christine E.B. Howard

The High Wire Woman Podcast with Rosanna Berardi — Episode 68: https://megaphone.link/OSC4822812883

Remember: Hope Is Not A Strategy!

This week on the High Wire Woman podcast, Rosanna Berardi is talking about entrepreneurship and management. Her guest, Christine E.B. Howard, is the founder and owner of EB Howard Consulting, a firm that helps clients find funding, prepare proposals, and submit high-quality applications.

In this episode, Christine shares her tips for managing a business in the midst of a health crisis. You’ll hear Rosanna and Christine talk about:

  • Rosanna’s and Christine’s previous diagnoses of breast cancer, as well as the importance of women getting both mammograms and ultrasounds done often.
  • Prioritize your health and don’t overwork yourself. When Christine found out about her diagnosis, she stepped back from the grueling day-to-day and started taking it slow. It’s important to know how to delegate and not take everything on by yourself.
  • Doing the important jobs and tasks as entrepreneurs, even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Christine talks about the new project her company started: StartupFundHub.
  • Don’t wait for the right time to start your business. If there is an opportunity now to do so, seize it and capitalize on it. Seize the opportunity now. Don’t wait for the right time to start your entrepreneurial journey because there’s never a perfect time.

The High Wire Woman Podcast with Rosanna Berardi: https://mtr.bio/high-wire-woman