Need More Time? A Chat with Efficiency Expert Heather Steinker

The High Wire Woman Podcast with Rosanna Berardi — Episode 67:

Remember: Hope Is Not A Strategy!

This week on the High Wire Woman podcast, Rosanna Berardi is talking about taking control. Her guest, Heather Steinker, is an efficiency expert, and the founder of Chaos ‘N Cookies. Heather shares her menu for survival, tips on how High Wire Women can take control of the chaos around them, and how to take charge of their time.

You’ll hear Rosanna and Heather talk about:

  1. Heather created Chaos ‘N Cookies to help working moms find time for themselves to do the things they wanted to do.
  2. The Chaos Control System is the family playbook. It has all the detailed information about its owner and their family so that if one member of the household is unavailable, the running of the household doesn’t fall by the wayside. 
  3. The Chaos Control System has helped Heather’s clients become more organized and aware of the tasks that they need to do. 
  4. You need to be prepared for anything. Writing down the operations of your household, such as finances or how to repair items, gives you the information you need to leave bad situations such as abusive households. You can be self-sufficient with the knowledge you possess. 
  5. You don’t have to be organized all at once, you can do little things one at a time during the week. By doing this, you are buying yourself peace of mind. 
  6. When you start off reactive as opposed to proactive, it sets the tone for the rest of your day. Be proactive. 

Be proactive instead of reactive. If you can get all of the pieces you can control in place, it makes for a much better life. Control your chaos and take charge of your life and your time. 

The High Wire Woman Podcast with Rosanna Berardi: