Get Your S$%t Together with Agnese Rudzate

The High Wire Woman Podcast with Rosanna Berardi — Episode 65:

This week on the High Wire Woman podcast, Rosanna Berardi is talking about getting things done. Her guest, Agnese Rudzate, is a productivity specialist and time management expert based in Switzerland. Agnese shares tips on how High Wire Women can maximize productivity in order to get the most important stuff done.

You’ll hear Rosanna and Agnese talk about:

  1. Good time management comes from your mindset and inner world. 
  2. Distraction comes from a need to avoid discomfort. Analyzing yourself, and digging deeper to understand what discomfort or pain is under a particular task, can help you understand how to overcome it and no longer seek distraction.
  3. If an important task is not in your calendar or planner, you won’t find time to do it because you don’t respect the task enough to find time to do it. 
  4. Putting too many tasks on your to-do lists can overwhelm you. Remove some of the tasks and put them in your schedule so you can find time to do them, and ease some of your stress. 
  5. Plan ahead, so you can be focused on your tasks the next day.
  6. Limit your social media intake and spend that time doing things that are actually important. 

You are in control of time. Time is not in control of you. Take charge, organize, strategize. Own your time and make it work for you.

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