Your Body is Perfect: A Chat with Influencer Katie Crenshaw

The High Wire Woman Podcast with Rosanna Berardi — Episode 64:

Remember: Hope Is Not A Strategy!

This week on the High Wire Woman podcast, Rosanna Berardi is talking about being comfortable in your own skin. Her guest, Katie Crenshaw, is a blogger and the author of Her Body Can. Katie talks about body positivity and learning to embrace your authentic self, and rejecting the beauty standards society has set out for you.

You’ll hear Rosanna and Katie talk about:

  • How Katie started her blog.
  • Seeing the variety of ‘mom’ bodies be portrayed authentically through social media has had a positive impact on the mental health of new moms. It has allowed them to know that nothing is wrong with the way they look, and that there is nothing to feel ashamed of.
  • The importance of representation of different body types in children’s media.
  • The positive feedback that Katie’s book received from moms and the mass media.

Your body can do anything. It’s meant to protect and take care of you and will do so no matter how it looks. Love yourself and embrace who you are.

The High Wire Woman Podcast with Rosanna Berardi: