Stop Procrastinating & Start Doing: Mridu Parikh Tells Us How

The High Wire Woman Podcast — Episode 58:

Remember: Hope Is Not A Strategy!

The High Wire Woman Podcast with Rosanna Berardi:

This week on the High Wire Woman podcast, Rosanna Berardi is getting organized. Her guest, Mridu Parikh, is the founder of Life is Organized. Mridu is also a productivity expert, author, and the host of the Productivity on Purpose Podcast. She joins Rosanna to share tips on how High Wire Women can get organized, despite their busy schedules.

You’ll hear Rosanna and Mridu talk about:

  • How Mridu started Life is Organized.
  • The same strategy you use to organize your clothing is the same strategy you can use to organize your life.
  • In your everyday tasks and errands, identify the goal and purpose of those tasks and act accordingly. When you start there, you can reverse engineer.
  • Work with the time and space you have.
  • Declutter and take out tasks that don’t fit, or delegate where you can.
  • Get rid of what doesn’t make you happy, and what you don’t enjoy doing.
  • Create a system that makes work easier for yourself, and establish and uphold boundaries around that system.

Mridu talks about the services she provides to her clients. With the right roadmap, guidelines and the right hands holding them, even the most chaotically organized people can go to a more in control, and more organized lifestyle.