High Wire Woman Summer Road Trip Series: Lake Placid, NY

Whiteface Lodge, Lake Placid

Whiteface Lodge | Lake Placid, NY

It’s no secret that my family loves to travel.  Since our first trip to Walt Disney World when Salvatore was three years old, travel is our “thing.” We’ve taken countless family trips over the last 11 years and have made precious memories. We’ll never forget the time when Salvatore was three and saw Buzz Lightyear for the first time. Or when we went on a backstage tour of NBC/Universal TV studios, courtesy of one of my clients. Or when we tried “glamping” for the first and only time, and Jack almost started a fire in our tent. Our nearest and dearest memories all relate to trips the three of us have taken.

We went on a Disney cruise in mid-February of this year before anyone knew of COVID-19. Little did we know, that would be our last big trip for a long time. COVID has changed a lot of things for our family, and we miss traveling so much. However, nothing can stop me from exploring, so we booked a four-day trip to Lake Placid, New York, home of the 1932 and 1980 Olympics.

Lake Placid is in the Adirondack Mountains and is about a five-hour drive from Buffalo. It was a quick and easy drive. We stayed at the Whiteface Lodge resort right in Lake Placid. It’s a four-star property close to the downtown area. The accommodations were nice, but many of the amenities were closed due to COVID. We made the best of it and explored the area. So many beautiful sights — the top of Whiteface mountain is breathtaking, and everyone should see it at some point.

We enjoyed great meals, daily ice cream, zip lining (a first for me) and some light hiking. It was a different trip for us — we usually walk 8+ miles a day at Disney and run around all day. Lake Placid was a relaxing and nice break from our generally crazy vacation schedules.

While I enjoyed the town and all it had to offer, I enjoyed the time spent with my little family. I enjoy the small things in life — sitting next to my 14-year-old for five hours in the car and chitchatting, getting ice cream and sitting by the lake, getting lost in the hiking trails.  It’s the time together, away from our daily routines and obligations that are most precious to me!