Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

I’m a theater nerd.  Nothing makes me happier than people bursting into song and dance.  Theater has brought me so much joy over the last few years.  I haven’t seen live theater since February of 2020 and my soul is so sad.  Theater changes me and I’m one of those people who love listening to musical soundtracks.  Salvatore, my son, says I’m “such a middle-aged cliché!”

I’m probably late to the party but I recently discovered Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.  I can’t remember the last time I watched a show on network TV (besides This is US).  This one is great—so fun!  The main character, Zoey (Jane Levy), can hear the songs in people’s heads which reflect their truest emotions.  It’s such a fun concept.  She is a computer coder at a super cool tech company based in San Francisco.  She’s single, a nerd and has a very sick father.  She’s truly a High Wire Woman.  She struggles with work, relationships, and a sick parent.  Her struggles are so real and raw.

The show also stars Lauren Graham (Parenthood and Gilmore Girls), Peter Gallagher (Law & Order, Grace & Frankie) and Mary Steenburgen (Back to the Future, Elf, Philadelphia).  Such a great show with relatable storylines, superb acting and occasionally, characters break into song and dance!  I love it so much.

Watch this one.  You won’t regret it.  In the world of bad news and toxic politics, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist will surely make you smile and maybe even break into a song!