Hello High Wire Women!

These are certainly crazy times. It seems like the “stuff” we are carrying on the high wire has gotten a lot heavier since mid-March. In addition to our normal business and family obligations, we are now forced to work from home with our families, teach our children, prepare three meals a day and flatten the curve in a million other ways.  Now more than ever, we are stretched to capacity.

What to do? Is this time a blessing or curse? Do you enjoy being home 24/7 and cooking? Good for you. If you are ready to climb the walls, I’m with you. I don’t enjoy binge watching Netflix or organizing my closets. I don’t derive satisfaction from household projects. I’ve done the usual to keep busy—read books, worked on my “someday” pile at the office, cooked more than I like to. But I’ve found some fun and inventive ways to get organized and get some “treats” in exchange.

thredUp is the world’s largest online second-hand thrift store. Big deal. There are a ton of online thrift stores. Well…there are two amazing things about thredUp:

  1. They will send you an adorable postage-paid bag (covered in teal polka dots) to put your used clothes in and drop off at your mailbox. It couldn’t be easier!
  2. When you send in your used clothing, you can donate them, sell them or wait for it…get credits from amazing retailers like MM LaFleur, Banana Republic, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Janie and Jack and several others. What does this mean?  I filled up my cute thredUp bag with gently worn clothes, dropped it in the mail and received $100 credit to MM LaFleur, one of my favorite women’s clothing lines. Free money to shop at MM LaFleur.  And I cleaned out my closet.  A win-win for sure.

So, if your high wire is feeling heavy these days, take a break from your daily life and blitz your closet. You’ll get money or free credits for new clothes! I did mine while watching 90 Days Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, so it was a fun and exciting night in this High Wire Woman’s life.

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