Ladies—you already know that you can’t “hope” things work out in your career or business. I’m truly passionate about teaching female lawyers how to transform their lives.

Let me teach you how to stay on that High Wire and create systems and solutions for your personal and professional life.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

HWW Group Coaching

Let’s spend the first 90 days of 2021 recreating, revamping and improving your life.  This transformative group will teach you tips and tricks, transform your life, network with other working women and take back your most precious commodity: your time.

Two Zoom calls per month:

  1. In-depth substantive training on personal/professional solutions
  2. Open call Q&A to discuss your pressing business/personal needs
  3. Closing virtual retreat (more fun and less “Zoomlike” than you can imagine!)
Best for new lawyers (0-5 years of experience)

HWW Mastermind

This exclusive Mastermind program is only open to 12 female lawyers. You will learn how to recreate your professional life. You’ll create a personal marketing plan, learn media/publicity strategies and develop a blueprint for your career success in 2021.

Two Zoom calls per month:

  1. In-depth group call
  2. Monthly individual call with me to work on your strategic plan for 2021
  3. Closing Spa retreat (complete with spa services)—provided COVID-19 doesn’t get in our way
  4. Wardrobe/Fashion consultation with NYC Stylist
Best for experienced lawyers (6+ years of experience)

Scrap your New Year’s resolution and join like-minded women who will encourage you to create your best self and accomplish your personal and professional goals.

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